2020 Tutor of the Year

Abraham Gutierrez

Abraham has been with ALO7 since June 2017 and has taught over 2500 classes with ALO7. In addition to teaching, Abraham helps out with the recruiting and training of new, online tutors. Over his 3+ years with ALO7, he has consistently scored in the top percentile of quality classes. Abraham is extremely reliable and has been a leader on our floating team, which covers last minute substitutions. He is an ABC tutor and a wizard with Manycam.

Charles Park

Charles has been with ALO7 since December 2018. In addition to teaching, Charles is a member of the Academic team, creating training material and mentoring new tutors. He was a big contributor to the ALO7 Certification Program which launched in early 2020. Charles also assists with Quality Control and student oral examinations for special test prep classes. Charles has taught 473 classes in 2020 thus far and also scores in the upper echelon of Quality Control. Charles is also an ABC tutor and is a feel-good story, as he was recruited to ALO7 by his older sister, who is also an excellent tutor with the company.